#10 John Tyler

john tyler

Term: 1841-1845

Party: Whig/Independent

The first Vice president to enter office due the death of the President. John Tyler assumes the presidency with the nickname “his accidency”. When he was under Harrison’s administration he was supported by the Whig party, but that support soon left as he had vetoed a bill to recreate the national bank. This act would also have nearly his entire cabinet resign. Despite having to reinstate most of his cabinet members, having no political party’s support, and threats from the congress to impeach him in 1843, Tyler continued his duties as president. Tyler urged western settlement with the passing of the Pre-Emption act allowing one to buy 160 acres of land from the government. The long Seminole war that began during the Jackson term when the Seminole Indians refused relocation ended during Tyler’s term. John Tyler also tackled Boundary issues with Canada and opened Chinese ports to American ships. Right before the end of his term, John Tyler annexed Texas as the 28th state in March of 1845. Tyler did not have enough support to win his reelection. Our Nation did not elect his as president and despite his lack of support throughout his entire term, John Tyler carried the heavy duties of a president that was thrust upon him after Harrison’s sudden death and did not resign even after attempts to impeach him from office. After his term, during the brink of CIvil war, John Tyler votes in favor of Virginia’s succession. This act would lead to President Lincoln and the US government to not acknowledge his death publically.





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